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Is it Boba or Bubble Tea?

Dive into the tasty debate at Tea & Tea: Is it boba or bubble tea? Discover the origins and cultural significance behind the names of this beloved drink in Portland and Beaverton.

Boba or Bubble Tea? Let Unravel the Tasty Mystery

Welcome to the delightful and intriguing universe of boba and bubble tea! Here at Tea & Tea, your favorite bubble tea shop in Portland and Beaverton, we’re not just about serving great tea – we’re about immersing you in the culture and joy that these drinks bring. So, let’s embark on a flavorful journey to explore whether it’s boba or bubble tea and why it matters!

Boba and Bubble Tea: What’s in a Name?

Our story begins in the beautiful island of Taiwan, where during the early 1980s, a playful experiment with tea led to the creation of this iconic drink. Known as ‘boba’ (a slang term in Taiwanese for the tapioca pearls) and ‘bubble tea’ (referring to the bubbly foam created when shaking the tea), this beverage has become a global sensation. But what’s in a name? While ‘boba‘ often refers specifically to the tapioca pearls, ‘bubble tea‘ is more encompassing, referring to the whole drink, pearls included.

The Boba Buzz – Why Boba is More Than Just Tapioca

Boba, those chewy, delightful spheres at the bottom of your drink, are made from tapioca starch, giving them that unique, springy texture. But it’s not just about texture – boba has become a symbol of fun and innovation in the world of tea. In our shops, we ensure that our boba is freshly prepared every 4 hours, offering you the perfect chewiness in every sip.

tapioca pearls being cooked

The Wide World of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea comes in an array of flavors and styles. From our classic Tiger Boba with its intricate layers of flavor to the TNT, a vibrant mix of mango, strawberry, and peach, there’s a world of choice. Milk teas, fruit teas, and even creative blends like Oreo Taro offer an endless canvas of flavors. It’s a drink that’s limited only by the imagination! Check out our extensive menu here.

Culture in a Cup – More Than Just a Drink

Bubble tea isn’t just a beverage; it’s a cultural icon. It represents a fusion of traditional and modern, a symbol of youth culture, and a canvas for creativity. At Tea & Tea, we don’t just serve drinks; we serve stories, connections, and a piece of a culture that spans oceans.

The Perfect Sip – Crafting Your Drink

The beauty of bubble tea lies in its customization. Choose your tea base, select your level of sweetness, pick your type of milk, and add your favorite toppings. Whether it’s the classic boba, fruity jelly, or popping boba, each element adds a new dimension to your drink. And with options for dairy and non-dairy milk, there’s something for everyone.

A Health Perspective

While boba and bubble tea are delightful treats, it’s important to enjoy them mindfully. The tapioca pearls and sweeteners add to the calorie count, so moderation is key. But worry not – at Tea & Tea, we offer options to adjust the sweetness and even have fruit-based, lighter options for a refreshing choice.

The Community of Bubble Tea Lovers

At Tea & Tea, we see our customers as part of a larger community. From the cozy corners of our Alberta St bubble shop to the bustling atmosphere of our Beaverton boba location, each spot is a place for gathering, sharing, and creating memories over a cup of your favorite bubble tea.

Join the Boba Bandwagon

If you haven’t yet tried boba or bubble tea, there’s no time like the present! It’s not just about tasting a drink but about experiencing a piece of a culture, a slice of innovation, and a sip of fun. So, whether you call it boba or bubble tea, the essence remains the same – a delicious, fun-filled drink that brings people together.

Tea & Tea: Your Bubble Tea Haven

We invite you to Tea & Tea, your go-to bubble tea shop in Portland and Beaverton. Whether you’re a seasoned boba enthusiast or new to the world of bubble tea, we promise an experience that’s as delightful and unique as our extensive range of drinks. Come in, explore, and find your favorite – whether it’s boba, bubble tea, or something uniquely yours!

Remember, whether you call it boba or bubble tea, what matters is the experience and joy it brings. And at Tea & Tea, we’re all about creating that perfect cup just for you!