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Savor freshly brewed teas and boba, refreshed every 4 hours. Try our special Tiger Boba and TNT. Join us for delightful sips at your new go-to bubble tea spot!

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NE Alberta Street

1489 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211

SE 72nd Avenue

5013 SE 72nd Avenue Portland, OR 97206

SW Orbit Street

1489 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211

SE Division Street

3307 SE Division St. Portland, OR 97202

SW Yamhill Street

855 SW Yamhill St., Portland, OR 97205

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Winter Hours

Monday 11 AM - 9 PM
Tuesday 11 AM - 9 PM
Wednesday 11 AM - 9 PM
Thursday 11 AM - 9 PM
Friday 11 AM - 10 PM
Saturday 11 AM - 10 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 9 PM
Monday 11 AM - 7 PM
Tuesday 11 AM - 7 PM
Wednesday 11 AM - 7 PM
Thursday 11 AM - 7 PM
Friday 11 AM - 7 PM
Saturday 11 AM - 7 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 7 PM

Why We're the Best Bubble Tea Shop!

Who We Are

Tea & Tea is a family-owned establishment deeply rooted in the Portland and Beaverton communities, established out of an enduring affection for bubble tea and beverages of the like. As purveyors of authentic, freshly brewed teas and specialty drinks, we aim to offer a hospitable environment where community members can relish in delightful flavors while engaging in meaningful dialogue with family and friends.

Our Bubble Tea Specialities

Among the extensive range of drinks offered, our in-house specialties, Tiger Boba and TNT, have garnered significant acclaim. Tiger Boba tantalizes the palate with its intricate layers, while TNT—a sumptuous blend of mango, strawberry, and peach—offers an explosion of tropical flavors in each sip.

Commitment to Community

At Tea & Tea, the concept of community is at the very core of our business ethos. We endeavor to be more than just a tea shop; we aspire to be a communal space where relationships are nurtured, stories are shared, and memories are created—all over a cup of premium, hand-crafted bubble tea.

Visit Us Today!

Located conveniently in both Portland and Beaverton, Tea & Tea extends a warm invitation for you to come together, sip, and savor the flavor. Whether you're new to the world of bubble tea or a seasoned aficionado, there's something at Tea & Tea for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you and adding a flavorful touch to your day.
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